Brothers in Christ MM

Founded in Rupert, Idaho


Brothers in Christ Motorcycle Ministry

Our Leader is GOD !!

Our Reason is Salvation !!

Our churches are the highways and bi-ways, club houses, bars, anywhere we find those who are willing to listen to our witness! (Jesus said in Matthew 13 to sow the seed on the fertile ground, where are the minds/souls any richer and more fertile to grow the spirit than in those we find here.)

Our pews are motorcycle seats !

Our congregation is anyone who is open to the Lord !

Our members are those who accept that JESUS died on the cross for our sins and all we really need to do is give our souls to him and believe !

Anyone is welcome to our congregation, to listen with us, to ride with us, to join in our activities as long as they respect GOD and put no other god before him !

Anyone is welcome to become a member as long as they have given themselves to GOD and respect Brothers in Christ MM and are willing to help the rest of us serve GOD by helping spread his word and help those we meet spiritually and with worldly needs as long as they place no gang, club, or MC before us !

GOD will turn no one away as long as they are willing to accept him !

BNC should not turn anyone away as long as they are willing to accept GOD !